Sponsored Athletes

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Recreational Action Sports Entertainment, LLC (“RASE”, pronounced like “race”) and Michael Marsh provide sponsorships to a number of local, regional and national athletes competing in the sport of flat track motorcycle racing.

Each year, we go through a review of the past year while we are looking at rider resumes and sponsorship applications. We are delighted to work with some of the brightest, fastest and skilled athletes in the world.  Choosing is one of the most difficult things.

We are not in the motorcycle business, nor do we currently derive income from ridethebigsky.com.  Mike is a long time flat track racer turned promoter.  We do sponsorships as a give back, a small bit of help to those that are good ambassadors for the sport of flat track.  We love motorcycle racing, particularly flat track.  Since 2003 we have helped a few riders each year. We are pleased that these fine young people agree carry our logo on their bikes and equipment and mention us at the race track and on social media.  …and hey, if they come to Billings to race a time or two, that is wonderful for Mike (increased rider count) and for the city of Billings (they get to see world class professional athletes competing in Montana).

National flat track racing is very expensive. If you see any of these fine young people, talk to them, thank them for what they are doing for flat track, and if you have the means, buy them a meal, some fuel or even just a tire. Every little bit helps.  And they appreciate every penny that comes to them to pursue their dreams.  No matter what, cheer extra loud for them, they’ll very much appreciate your support! And come see them when they are in Billings this summer to Ride The Big Sky®


Press Release for the RASEers to receive support from ridethebigsky.com

The 2016 season RASEers

Rear: Briar Bauman, Tristan Avery, Wyatt Maguire, J.R. Addison, Parker Norris
Front: Chad Cose, Shayna Texter, Charlotte Kainz, Morgan Monroe
Not Shown: Brian Lehfeldt